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Agile project recovery

Get your project back on track

Is your Agile project failing? Without proper management and control, it’s easy for an Agile project to lose momentum.

Our Agile project recovery service regains control of failing Agile projects and develops suitable rescue plans.

Our service has four key stages:
  • Investigation – identification of root causes of failure, but also a chance to highlight the positive, successful aspects of the project.
  • Recovery – review of  the project team, including their skillset. Identification of temporary interventions and the ultimate aim for future projects.
  • Stabilisation – we take over the management of the project and use appropriate processes, resources and tools to bring the project back under control.
  • Relaunch – we can run the project to completion for you, or re-boot your Agile development approach and then hand back the project to you.
Our approach enables you to achieve your business aims by ensuring that failing projects are taken back under control and managed to successful completion. In our experience, the re-initiation of Agile methods assures longer-term success while increasing team morale.

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