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Agile transformation

Perhaps your organisation has successfully used an Agile approach on small-to-medium-sized specific projects. You may now be considering rolling out Agile to more complex development or across the wider organisation.

However, this wider scope brings new challenges that the most popular Agile methods do not always address, often causing the transition to be  difficult.

Our expert consultants have a broad and deep understanding of Agile methods and how to apply these to complex works programmes or across a whole organisation.

We offer a four–stage process:
  • Review – assessment of your organisation’s current delivery process and the wider context of which it is a part, understanding your current strengths and the factors that would impede a wider Agile roll-out.
  • Plan – development of a tailored plan for the evolution of your capabilities and make sure that all stakeholders are engaged in the process.
  • Deliver – quick wins and a demonstration of the benefits that Agility brings. This could take the form of a “pilot”. We will also deliver a programme of coaching and training to support your key team members.
  • Grow – following the initial success we will strengthen your capability so that it becomes self-sustaining. This could include the definition of new policies and procedures to support Agile working methods. We also build a structure so that you can include other members of your team, add new members and thus expand your capabilities.
Our consultants have vast experience of achieving success in challenging contexts, and possess the capability to support you through complex transformation projects.

Get in contact to learn more about Agile transformation.

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