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Helping your projects run more smoothly

How often are software implementations or upgrades completed on time and which meet your original deadline?

Disappointingly, not very often. It normally only happens when all project defects and ambiguities are identified early in the lifecycle.

Capita's business architects will help your organisation reduce project overruns and delays. We believe that the earlier we are involved with your project, the smoother it will run. Of course, some issues cannot be identified until the project is live. Even at this stage, we can still provide you with the help you need to solve specific issues and reach your business objectives.

Our services examine your requirements and include:
  • Business architecture definition and monitoring 
  • Defining viewpoints 
  • Stakeholder management 
  • Development of the target operating model 
  • Identification and planning of the journey from current to future states 
  • Requirements management and communication 
  • Benefits analysis and monitoring 
  • Solution assessment and validation 

In order to run a successful project with your organisation, we give you a framework for governance, traceability and control of scope. Your organisation retains ownership of the project through business-centric road maps and models. Our programmes are fully transparent and clear, so you can keep stakeholders informed at all times. Plus, we help generate significant cost savings.

Capita’s business architects and analysts have extensive experience working on projects where our capabilities in defining and understanding complex requirements have been crucial to ensuring success. Our consultants have also used their skills, expertise and collective team knowledge to bring those projects back on track, reducing the potential for time and cost overruns.

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