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Behaviour-driven development

Reduce costs by minimising software defects

Behaviour-driven development (BDD) is an aspect of Agile delivery. It is one way of improving code quality earlier in the development lifecycle.

It allows key stakeholders – including the business, testers and developers – to collaborate and communicate, helping to manage quality and drive out defects at an early stage. BDD also spearheads the drive to use new technologies and techniques, thus reducing time to market.

Our BDD solution both links to and supports business change – primarily because the business is involved from the outset, so that the need for change and the actual change are closely aligned. We build on this further with our change management process, which supports and drives the changes that need to take place.

A suitable BDD framework can help save precious time and money because it reduces regression test cycles – often by more than 90%. Successful BDD offers the potential to deliver defect-free software at point of release which operates as expected with reduced complexity.

Below, listen to our podcast on Behaviour Driven Development.

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