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Benefits realisation

While most modern projects are based on a business case that includes the anticipated benefit of carrying out the work, the reality is that very few organisations actually measure these.

However, measuring the benefit means that your organisation can objectively assess whether the project has achieved its aims and the business can feed any learning points into future activities.

Part of the challenge is that few delivery approaches assign an appropriate level of importance to measuring results. Most approaches focus on technical delivery, trusting that value will be automatically generated. We adopt a more real-world approach: even if the solution was delivered perfectly, it might not generate the anticipated benefits. The reality is that no systems are delivered perfectly so there is a real possibility that further adjustment or enhancement will be needed after project completion to ensure meaningful success. This might take the form of additional support, monitoring, training or mentoring.

Some of the specific tasks we might undertake for you during the benefits realisation stage include:
  • Capability development
  • Data & asset management
  • Implementation verification
  • Master data management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security testing
  • Solution assurance

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