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Best-shoring your IT

Refining your business processes

Companies today face both rapidly changing IT technologies and a highly competitive marketplace. As a result, many organisations have allowed their IT to develop ad hoc, rather than optimising approaches to fit their organisation.

Many organisations now find their offshore IT operations costing much more (in terms of both money and resources) than they expected. Forward-thinking companies are also aware they need to address the IT skills gap in the UK. Bringing some or all IT services back in-house can address both these issues.

We can help your organisation to refine its approaches so they are best suited to meeting your current and future business needs. We work closely with you to define your future operating model and help you facilitate any changes, with the aim of allowing you to gain greater control of your IT service levels.

To help us define and deliver your requirements, we use a three-phase process:
  • Build: We review your current situation, define your future operating model and work with you to design and deploy the agreed service.
  • Operate: After an agreed period, you decide whether to continue outsourcing the service to us or transfer skills and technology in-house.
  • Transfer: Depending on your decision, we work with you to develop a transfer plan and prepare for handover to your organisation. This part of the process is optional; you may prefer Capita to continue running the service on your behalf.
If you decide that you would like to repatriate an aspect of your IT delivery, we can develop a process that moves it back in-house without any loss of productivity and which aims to be at least cost-neutral.

Capita’s graduate programme, Novus, is a unique solution to  help you transition elements of your IT delivery back onshore in a cost-effective manner. The Novus programme trains the UK’s best STEM graduates in either software testing, development or IT business analysis, after which they are contracted to Capita for two years while they operate either on client sites or off-site at a Capita facility.

For more information about this service, watch our video, download our documents below or contact us here to place an enquiry.

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