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Blog: Business change – are you prepared for change?


As Darwin told us: 'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change'. The last ten years have seen the amount of business change increase year-on-year and businesses have been ill equipped. Effective change management is a process of preparing organisations for the change ahead by putting in place a strategy and tools to manage very real risks of failure. Business change is about end-to-end action to address resistance and mitigate it down to a level that is manageable. It is not enough for a new system of process to be installed, tested and be working; real success comes only when all those affected by the change adopt it fully. Only then will the benefits of change be realised.

You may hear that ‘people hate change’. We do not believe this to be true. If this were true, we would never go on holiday, try a new hairstyle, go to a different restaurant or buy new clothes. What people hate is uncertainty. When you have to deliver a change in your organisation, you need to do more than apply project management disciplines, define the scope, identify milestones, manage risks and produce a project plan. All of these are important but most projects fail due to a lack of planning for how to deal with resistance to change.

At Capita, we have Business Change specialists who are experienced project managers. They are able to identify the change needs of your organisation and plan an effective project or programme utilising diagnostic tools and metrics to ensure successful delivery at every stage. Our Business Change specialists provide assurance that your change is on track and are able to help you develop your leadership and management teams to equip them with the skills necessary to deliver real and tangible benefits.

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