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Business architecture

Shaping your organisation to deliver continuous improvement

Our business architecture service examines the way a business operates, establishing what needs to change – and why – in order to deliver desired benefits.

We identify the people, processes and technology that need to be examined in order to provide clear alignment with your organisation’s goals in order to deliver both financial and non-financial benefits.

Business architecture identifies and defines scope, impact, risks and – most importantly – the areas on which the business analyst will concentrate his or her detailed analysis. This will provide your organisation with measurable benefits delivered through appropriate solutions. Effective business architecture results in the benefits being communicated in business terms.

The key service areas include:
  • Business architecture planning and monitoring
  • Views and viewpoints
  • Stakeholder management
  • Elicitation
  • Business motivation modelling
  • Requirements management and communication
  • Organisation-wide analysis
  • Requirements analysis
  • Benefits analysis and monitoring
  • Solution assessment and validation
Our business architecture service is designed to deliver results through due consideration of business drivers, strategies, goals and objectives. We achieve this by understanding what is important to your organisation, whether this is reduced cost, improved performance, increased reliability or the enhanced reputation of your business.

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