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Case study: Novus graduate programme - Ofgem

Ofgem were looking for software developers and test analysts to backfill their existing development and testing teams, but did not have the time and resources to recruit for these roles. They also required specific testing skill sets including automation skills, making the search process for candidates challenging.

Triggered by interest in our Novus programme, they chose Capita due to our reputation in the marketplace as a leading supplier to both central and local government and were selected to deliver a time saving resourcing solution with the necessary skill set.

Using Novus, Ofgem experienced a significant cost saving in their test automation processes. They received a low cost, effective testing and development service that had the drive to succeed.

“I have been working with Capita for over a year. Optimising the Novus model in conjunction with the Odin Axe platform, we have successfully saved 5 man days per test cycle, with a forecast to 10 by the end of 2014. Using Capita’s approach, we have also achieved significant savings by reducing contract and recruitment effort for both testing and development resource.”

Jamie Phillips, Ofgem – Head of Software Development

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