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Case study: Novus graduate programme - Prisym ID

Prisym ID designs and delivers labelling solutions for organisations that need complete product auto-identification and lifecycle traceability. With over 30 years labelling experience and product development in a wide range of sectors including life, chemical, textile, automotive and industrial manufacturing and the company boasts a comprehensive range of labelling software to meet industry specific compliance regulations.

Prisym were experiencing significant issues with the existing test resources available and those required to tackle their flexing project demands. As such, the client engaged Capita to benefit from our unique resourcing model Novus. Capita deployed two Novus test analysts at short notice onsite under Prisym ID’s management during a peak workload on the project. Our Novus test analysts quickly picked up the skills in order to work to the industry standard GAMP 5 certification.

“Prisym ID were looking for an alternative to the contract and permanent market to provide a cost effective solution to our flexing project demands. The Novus test analysts that Capita provided quickly adapted to our management and developed the necessary knowledge to work within specific industry standards.”

VP of Global Development, Prisym ID
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