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Case study: Novus graduate programme - The Law Society

The Law Society’s existing recruitment model resulted in a high capacity of contract resource, and cost-wise this was not proving effective. They wanted to streamline the number of contractors and increase the amount of permanent staff, in particular junior testers. This approach supported their overall initiative to improve commitment-to-the-job attitude, an ongoing issue when using contractors. Their requirement was for cost-effective testing resource with the ability to increase or decrease teams at short notice.

The flexibility of our Novus model was perfectly suited to the Law Society’s requirements. It was a more cost-effective option, compared to that of using contract resources. It also achieved a trustworthy, long term working relationship between the Law Society and our Novus. As a result of Capita’s strong partnership, the Law Society was easily able to fulfil additional resource requirements, in particular for a Test Lead.

“Capita quickly become an integral part of the test resource model at The Law Society. We have found the young IT professionals to be dedicated, professional and always enthusiastic to learn and develop new skills. Well done!”

Anjam Sarwar – Head of Testing, The Law Society

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