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Case study: Novus graduate programme - UK entertainment company

A major UK company providing gambling entertainment across a variety of platforms needed to complete a business critical regulatory project. The project  was essential to their growth as a business but had to contend with budgetary and time restrictions. The client explored the benefits of offshoring and the subsequent cost savings but were unable to send the project outside of the UK. The UK freelance market was not considered a suitable option due to the fluctuations in market rates and project timescales meant that permanent recruitment was not an option.

To overcome their challenges, the client engaged Capita to benefit from our unique resourcing model Novus. Capita deployed Novus test analysts at short notice to perform both compliance and regression testing on third party applications. Capita also assigned a senior delivery consultant to ensure the seamless integration of the Novus team and timely delivery of all tasks required by the client.

The client was able to employ a low risk solution to a high risk challenge while maintaining control of the budget. As Novus test analysts are permanently employed by Capita, we can guarantee team continuity and ensure no change in costs for a year. By providing delivery support from our consultancy division we were able to ensure that work was carried out on time and to the required standard. Novus continues to add considerable value to the project on an ongoing basis.
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