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Data migration readiness review

How ready is your data?

As part of our larger data migration project services we offer a readiness review of your processes, procedures and strategies.

Data migration projects have a reputation for running over time and budget and are seen as one of the most complex, riskiest and high effort streams within larger deployment projects. In order to ensure successful project delivery, it’s vital that your strategy and processes are robust.

The service provides a report detailing your organisation’s readiness in these areas:
  • Project stage plans
  • Project scope and timelines
  • Project organisation structures and roles
  • Data extraction, translation and loading strategies
  • Data quality review methodology
  • Data cleansing strategy
  • Data management strategy
At the end of this process you will have a complete overview of your data migration strategy. This will identify areas of your business that need improvement, as well as providing advice on any changes required.

For more information about this service, download our documents below or contact us here to place an enquiry.

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