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Defect management

Keeping testing costs to a minimum

We believe defect management should begin as soon as defects are found. The accuracy and circumstances of a defect’s discovery are vital to the overall effectiveness of the defect management process.

As part of our wider testing framework, we provide a robust and effective defect management service.

Our service puts in place a mechanism that identifies and documents your testing defects using a broad set of criteria. These are reviewed for validity, priority and severity by members of the test, development and business teams.

The review addresses the following:
  • Validation and acceptance of new defects into your defect management process.
  • Assignation of priority and severity to new defects, by agreement with all parties involved.
  • Agreement of timescales for the remediation of defect.
  • Defects that have failed – and re-testing.
  • Deferred defects assigned to future releases.
Our service runs throughout your entire development lifecycle – from requirements capture to implementation – allowing traceability and quality at all points during delivery. This ensures your defects are recorded and managed and act as a barometer of project progress and quality.

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