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The main focus of traditional project methods is delivery, and this is still a key area of the application life cycle.

Our approach stands out because of the ways we ensure that the full life-cycle is considered and supported throughout the development process.

Our services address all the key aspects of development:
  • Dissolving the business needs into more discrete elements which can be delivered
  • Design for security, stability and scalability
  • Quality assurance at every stage of the process.
We support these capabilities because we have built a strong team of delivery management and technical specialists. At every point in the process we are asking whether we are building the right thing to meet the business need, in the most efficient way, to the needed level of capability and quality.

Some of the specific tasks we might undertake for you during the delivery stage include:
  • Data migration
  • Design assurance
  • Integration management
  • Operational acceptance
  • Project management
  • Requirements capture and management
  • Secure solution design
  • Service acceptance
  • Solution architecture & design
  • Solution testing
  • Technical acceptance
  • Testing management
  • User acceptance

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