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Enterprise Information Catalog / Axon

Data is diverse and distributed across many different departments, applications, data warehouses (some on-premises, others in the cloud), making it a challenge to know exactly what data you have and where.

Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog (EIC) is an AI-powered data catalogue that provides a machine-learning discovery engine to scan and catalogue data assets across the enterprise – both in the cloud and on-premises. EIC leverages metadata to deliver intelligent recommendations, suggestions and automation of data management tasks.

This enables IT users to be more productive and business users to be full partners in the management and use of data.  As a result business users can quickly find data and easily manage the lifecycle of business terms, definitions, reference data and more.

Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog will provide data discovery across your Oracle BI Applications and beyond, enriching the access of data for users. Enhancing their insights and decision-making abilities.

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