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Event: Next Generation Testing – 14 July 2016


We are pleased to announce our presence at the 15th Next Generation Testing Conference on 14th July in London. The theme this year is: New Technologies – Opportunities, Aspirations and Meeting User Expectations.

This one-day event aimed at testing specialists intends to help them find ways to improve their involvement in the software development lifecycle, to enable them to deliver quality, fast and safe mobile and technology solutions.  

User case studies, keynote presentations and round tables will be organised during the day, including Capita’s round table presented by Mark Roberts our Specialist Testing Practice Director and Colin Deady, our BDD expert.  The sessions will allow participants to discuss how to implement successful mobile test strategies.

When: Thursday 14th July 2016
Where: Millennium Gloucester Hotel, 4-18 Harrington Gardens, London, SW7 4LH

Round table: “Implementing an Agile mobile test strategy”

We will discuss the following:

  • How to overcome the issue of changing and varied devices in the marketplace?
  • How to reduce costs and increase efficiencies through the use of automation on mobile devices?
  • How to you work with, rather than against, App Store submission policies to get your software live?
  • How to test app and website responsiveness on mobile devices against multiple network conditions?
  • How to make sure mobile apps are secure?

Presentation: “ Mastering agility and ensuring successful software delivery" - Colin Deady

Do you want to achieve fast product delivery or improve software quality? Are you looking to develop collaborative work between IT and other departments? Do you need to manage change of requirements during the software development phase? Then your business probably intended to become Agile! But have you been as successful as planned?

During our presentation, Colin Deady - Capita IT professional services - will help you identify the cultural changes that your organisation needs to undertake to generate real business value with Agile. Embracing the agile culture requires for many stakeholders to change their views, processes, documentations, etc. Waterfall or standard top-down methodologies have been the norm in organisations for decades and changing can be a challenge... 

Our speakers

Mark Roberts
works at Capita as a Practice Director for our Specialist Testing Services and has over 16 years’ experience working as a test professional. Mark has worked across multiple industries and business domains during his career and is responsible for all non-functional and specialist services provided to Capita ITPS clients which includes: performance, automation, mobile, agile and penetration testing.

Colin Deady manages Capita IT professional services Behaviour-Driven Development Practice using the techniques of Deliberate Discovery and Zero-Known Defects to ensure successful client delivery first time, every time. With over 16 years of software testing experience in fields as diverse as real-time GIS, fleet management, network analysis, pensions and education, and with a primary focus on test automation, he is able to take advantage of numerous ideas from across the software engineering industry to best advantage in each case.

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