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Workshop: Configuring the Human Firewall - social engineering


The challenge of keeping information and data safe from security breaches has now become a priority for many businesses. To address this matter, companies have started to protect themselves against cyber-attacks on their infrastructures and systems. However, another kind of threat is on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated: social engineering.

Social engineering uses the psychological manipulation of people to influence them in performing actions or divulging confidential information to the attacker.

Is your organisation prepared?

As Cyber Security experts, at Capita we’ve decided to offer a personal workshop: Configuring the Human Firewall - a social engineering workshop FREE OF CHARGE to help your organisation assess its security situation. To benefit from this offer, you need to book it with us before 31st December.

This 2-hour-workshop, delivered by one of our security experts, can be presented at your offices or via an online session at your convenience.

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