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Fixed price

Working to agreed costs

Our fixed-price contract delivers our services at a negotiated, pre-defined price, effort or timeline.

The guaranteed cost of a fixed-price arrangement can protect your budget, but this requires clearly defined requirements and project schedules. Using a fixed-price commercial model means the risk is shared between us and you, encouraging collaboration across teams.

Fixed-price contracts are used when the project’s use of time and materials can be clearly defined, with small risk of significant change as the project progresses.

The benefit of choosing fixed-price:
  • The guaranteed cost protects your project budgets
  • Risk and cost are de-coupled
  • Capita IT Professional Services, assumes responsibility for delivery
  • A fixed-price contract encourages clear responsibilities and mutually beneficial behaviour
  • Delivery disciplines (including use of quality gates) are rigorous
  • You will see that a fixed-price contract contributes to continuous improvement initiatives
  • Change control is disciplined

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