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Unique commercial partnerships

Our hybrid model gives you the opportunity to choose a combination of commercial models to suit your circumstances.

This allows resources to be priced and managed using time and materials (T and M) alongside other models.

For instance, an organisation can scope a project and undertake initial due diligence during the early stages using T and M. Following a “go/no go” decision, the business can then move to a fixed-price or an outcomes-based approach.

The hybrid model also allows for some activity – such as programme assurance – to be undertaken flexibly on T and M in parallel with highly scoped deliverables, achieved using a fixed-price or shared risk/reward approach.

The hybrid model is commonly used when clients want to reap the benefits of different commercial models. It offers increased flexibility and also strengthens client control of the project budget. This model also drives mutually beneficial behaviour.

The benefits of a hybrid model:
  • Receive the benefit of a fixed-price approach at reduced risk
  • It de-couples risk and increases budgetary control
  • Due diligence activity can be reimbursed and outputs can be re-used
  • It encourages collaboration between teams
  • Change control is disciplined

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