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ICT transition service

Overcoming the challenges of ICT transition

Have you experienced challenging transitions when moving to a new system? Switching from one platform to another often proves to be trickier than planned, risking affecting business operations.

Today’s dynamic markets push businesses to improve their IT systems regularly in order to remain competitive.

Capita’s IT transition service has been set up to overcome these challenges. We support you in the deployment of your updated system while managing the risk of incidents that may occur and alter live operations.

Our risk-based approach has four steps:
  • Plan: prioritise those areas seen as being of greater risk.
  • Capacity and capability: help assess staff to ensure a smooth transition.
  • System of co-ordination, communication and record: we keep track of all tasks to ensure everything is done to meet the respecting deadlines.
  • Practice: we communicate with stakeholders and involve them in the process.
Our ICT transition support will help your business: 
  • increase efficiency
  • ensure compliant delivery to stakeholders
  • give you better control of your project
  • reduce risk through learning and rehearsal
  • improve communications for better team organisation
  • reduce budgetary issues linked to penalties or aborted work
In addition to providing the transition service described here, Capita can also provide a review and assessment service for transition projects you are considering.

For more information about this service, download our documents below or contact us here to place an enquiry.

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