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Innovation testing

Alternative testing solutions enabled by technology innovations.
Using new technology, innovative techniques and approaches to change what and how we test

We are a leading innovator in Software Testing services, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer innovative solutions that combine existing and emerging technologies and approaches. We provide a range of innovative testing services that can be delivered as a complete solution to you, providing professional test resources, test tools and environments, which can be provided as a flexible service offering in a Testing as a Service (TaaS) model. We also provide all of our services as singular components, tailored to your specific needs.

Our Behaviour Driven Development, which accelerates solution delivery and focuses on improved requirements capture and Service Virtualisation (which improves the ability to do complex integration and interface testing) capabilities allow accelerated delivery and improved quality, improving time to market and reducing long term cost.

Our flexible resourcing offerings can help you across all phases of your SDLC, helping you to hit unexpected peaks in resource requirements and come at a low cost. Whilst we offer hosted test tool solutions, which can be purchased as a SaaS offering and implemented with the help of our skilled resources.

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