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IT skills gap

The UK as a whole is experiencing a significant IT skills gap.

There is a breach between the knowledge acquired at university and graduate capabilities when they start working. Studies and reports show that this may continue until the mid-2020s. What is perhaps going unreported is how this skills gap is affecting different areas of the country.

Businesses in London often say that they struggle to retain top candidates, owing to significant levels of competition within the City area and the relatively high number of top employers, which makes employee moves relatively easy. 

If we look further afield to the south-east excluding London, we tend to find companies struggling to compete with both London salaries and the attraction to junior IT professionals of the perceived social and career benefits of being in the capital itself. 

In the north of the UK, we have discovered a wide-ranging skills shortage, particularly in business analysis and development from junior to mid-level. Companies outside the big northern cities struggle to compete on salary and location, and even corporates in the cities themselves struggle to compete with the London tech bubble. Clearly, the current situation makes attracting, training and retaining key staff a difficult prospect for any organisation.

Capita IT Professional Services is determined to help fill the skills gap. Our approach involves the rigorous selection, training and retention of STEM and IT graduates, commercialising base-line technical abilities while teaching life and professional skills through real-world projects in a safe but professional environment.

We are further able to secure bespoke skill sets for our clients through our Novus graduate programme. Our Novus resources commit themselves to Capita for two years, allowing clients peace of mind and establishing a true partnership that delivers against pre-agreed specific skills shortages in a long term and sustainable way.

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