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An EU-based approach

Our near-shore facilities are based in Krakow, Poland, and they offer a reduced cost, EU-based alternative to delivering solutions in the UK.

These facilities can be used as part of a blended delivery model, thus providing exceptional flexibility and accessibility.

Our Polish offices are used by a range of enterprises, from small organisations to large businesses.

The benefits of our near-shore facilities are as follows:
  • You’ll be provided with multi-lingual services
  • Near-shoring will cost you less than on-shoring
  • If your business operates with pre-requisites or constraints that mean you have to retain information or transactions within the EU, near-shoring could be useful
  • Near-shoring is considered safer than outsourcing outside the EU ( data protection regulations, control,
  • There’s not a huge time difference between Poland and the UK and it’s a relatively short distance to travel

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