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Test your software applications to guarantee smooth operations of your systems.
Efficient and flexible testing services to ensure that your business solutions will support your customers now and for the future

Ensuring that your business systems operate and perform correctly, even under extreme load, is a complex task that simply cannot be undertaken by manual test methods. We have a wide range of non-functional test solutions to help you assure the operation of your systems under any scenario. We design, create and execute non-functional tests for many types of applications across a wide range of business scenarios. We support you in creating test data (to ensure the solution is appropriately loaded), in modelling the future customer loads (as business grows) and provide best-in-breed tools (to reduce your capital investment). We design and implement complex load and performance tests to validate the operation of your systems under high load or prolonged use (or both).

 We can reduce your testing overhead through the introduction of test automation, which helps you build repeatable regression tests that can improve quality by allowing easy access to extensive, quick to access and cheap to run tests in all stages of your SDLC.

We also offer test environment management and modelling services to ensure that your testing programme flows smoothly (test environment issues are some of the most common problems that delay testing programmes).

A key capability we bring is that of creating and managing Model Office solutions to both support development and as an aide and enabler for end user acceptance testing. We have extensive experience and insight in supporting customers gain successful acceptance of their solutions, via User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) and Service Acceptance Testing (SAT).

We make use of all the tools and technologies available in the market, from major vendors offerings to open source solutions, including specialist niche offerings. We combine appropriate tools and technologies to provide a bespoke solution to even the most challenging of environments.

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