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Following the successful implementation and bedding-in of a system there will, hopefully, be a period of operation where the organisation generates business value over a period of time.

However, this does not mean that the solution or system will remain static.We anticipate that a system will require a frequent stream of small changes and enhancements, often known colloquially as "business as usual" BAU.

We can scale and adjust our engagements with clients to provide BAU support several ways, including:
  • The provision of long-lasting core teams
  • Flex capability to support short term peaks in demand which don’t quite warrant 
  • Implementation as a full project 
  • Demand-based services on a consumption model. 
We can also support business critical functions such as business continuity, disaster recovery and (increasingly important) security operations and health checks.

Some of the specific tasks we might undertake for you during the operate stage include:
  • BAU testing
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Change management
  • Process change
  • Regression testing
  • Release management
  • Security health check
  • Security operations

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