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Outcomes-based pricing

Ensuring real value is delivered

This model is based on payment for a pre-defined set of outcomes or key performance indicators. Outcomes are not defined in terms of what is performed, but on the impact achieved.

Outcomes-based pricing requires an alignment of objectives from both parties with agreement to any necessary change – your business thus needs to buy in, so all participants in the programme are fully aligned. A clear roadmap – allowing for corrective action to be taken along the way – allows successes to be measured easily.

The accountability associated with outcomes-based pricing fosters a highly collaborative relationship. Outcomes-based pricing focuses energy on results while also allowing the scope of engagement to flex by mutual consent – therefore reducing the risk that the contract will not deliver the desired outcomes.

The benefits of outcomes-based pricing:
  • You'll notice a focus not just on costs but on the clear articulation of desired outcomes, therefore delivering value to your business
  • The risk is shared between Capita IT Professional Services and your organisation

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