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Penetration testing

Ensuring your IT systems are secure

It is important to test any defence that you build – be that in the physical or virtual world.

As a result of the recent spate of high-profile cyber breaches, legislation and industry requirements now insist that organisations invest in protecting their digital assets and any personally identifiable information that they store.

We provide several security testing services to help ensure your IT systems are secure from attack.

Our penetration testing services are delivered both inside a network and externally from the Internet, across the full range of systems including:
  • Network level attack at firewalls, and associated gateway infrastructure
  • Internal network security including desktop, server and database security
  • Active directory attacks
  • Application level testing
  • Source code review
  • Wireless networks
  • Mobile device testing
  • Targeted social engineering and malware attacks
  • IT health check services
Our team of highly qualified testers include application level developers and network level experts. We can tailor our solutions to suit individual client requirements. Our testing solutions use both manual testing and industry recognised tools. This approach provides a high level of flexibility, and delivers high quality results and best value for our clients.

Vulnerability assessments

Our network and system vulnerability assessment (NSVA) services provide security assurance and remediation services for your organisation. The NSVA services use automated tools and are delivered against both internal networks and external network devices and system components. 

Following the security testing, you will receive a detailed report highlighting all identified security issues. The report will also recommend solutions.

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