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Performance testing

Understanding your system’s maximum capacity

Performance testing assesses both the current state of systems and predicts their operation under future workloads.

We deliver performance testing across networks, systems, databases and applications to ensure they meet your business requirements and expectations by working efficiently and effectively. Our service comprises components that can be purchased as modules, or can provide an end-to-end service for all your performance needs – including initial analysis, scripting, test infrastructure and reporting.

Our performance testing procedures model your business processes. In turn this determines the load tests, stress tests, duration tests and component tests to be performed. Ultimately, the aim is to provide a highly available, reliable and scalable end-user landscape. In today’s data-centric world, where security has been elevated to the top table of most organisations, performance testing, used in conjunction with our penetration testing services, can aid companies to comply with ISO27001 standards.

Why choose performance testing?
  • We offer full testing  services using industry standard toolkits.
  • If your IT/IS landscape performs badly, you may lose customers; performance testing reduces this risk.
  • Costly reworkings are less likely.



For more information about this service, download our documents below or contact us here to place an enquiry.



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