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The first step in implementing the vision for a project or change activity is to understand what that actually entails.

We need to understand the objectives behind the vision, and what the implications for the business are in terms of the expected benefits and necessary changes. 

Where the aim or goal of a project is more aspirational, business analysis and architecture skills may be key to understanding the required changes. Similarly, most projects will require technology change, so solutions architecture expertise may also be valuable in order to build the right foundations. 

These factors, tempered by realities of timescales and budgets can be used to develop a realistic project approach and associated delivery strategies such as how quality will be assured. An effective and achievable plan can be the difference between realising the expected business benefits and over paying for an under delivered solution.

Some of the specific tasks we might undertake for you during the planning stage include:
  • Assurance & testing strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Business architecture
  • Data architecture
  • Project planning
  • Security compliance strategy
  • Technical strategy

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