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Privileged identity management

Helping you keep your privileged accounts secure

The management of your systems’ privileged accounts (administrator access) is essential in order to ensure the security of your business is maintained and safeguarded from attacks.

Major hacks on an organisation have often involved compromised credentials for privileged users. Businesses usually have numerous users with privileged accounts, and this can lead to passwords not always being managed and controlled in line with policy. This, combined with the insider threat employees pose with having uncontrolled administrator access, results in one of the largest risks faced by any organisation.

At Capita, we offer a privileged account management service which utilises our officially certified partnership with CyberArk. The Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Suite provides a full lifecycle solution that ensures your high risk privileged accounts are managed in accordance with company policy, and that user access is strictly controlled, managed, monitored and auditable, enabling high profile risks to be mitigated. The solution also allows for multiple ISO 27001 controls to be met.

Working closely with you, we help manage the PIM Suite installation, implementation and privileged account onboarding. We also assist in tailoring the central policy manager to make sure it adheres to your security policies.

Find out more about our privileged account management service by downloading our datacard below, or contact us to place an enquiry.

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