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Programme recovery

Turn around your failing project

Has your programme or project gone wrong? The key is to recognise this as early as possible and act quickly to rectify the situation.

We provide experienced P3M professionals who quickly assess your critical issues and risks to deliver turnkey services that will rectify your failing environment as early as possible.

Understanding your root problem is crucial. In our experience, deficiencies are normally identified in areas such as:
  • Weak portfolio management
  • Corporate “energy” and/or end user “change fatigue”
  • Integration between the vision and the delivery
  • Business ownership and/or programme leadership
  • Governance, communications and assurance
  • Ineffective/over-onerous delivery framework/methodology
  • Cost control, risk management and change management
  • Benefit realisation planning
  • Integration of workstreams and their interdependencies
  • Commitment of necessary resources, the skills of existing resources or overstretched resources
We frequently engage in recovery work, maximising the achievable benefits from existing investment to deliver programme objectives and outcomes. We are also highly experienced in delivering notoriously complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programmes.

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