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All good things come to an end, and at some point it will be better for your business to retire a system and replace it completely rather than attempting to modify or patch it to meet your business needs.

We plan for this eventuality from the beginning and our specialist services help you when the time finally comes.

The process of successfully retiring a system while retaining business information and protecting services is challenging and often underestimated. It's likely that the system to be retired still contains essential business information (acquired over a long time and no doubt a little murky with the passage of time). The first challenge is, therefore, to understand the value in that information and work out how to extract that information in a clean format to jump-start the next generation of critical business systems.

Along with extraction of key information for use or simple archiving comes the decommissioning of the system. This can be thought of as system integration in reverse, and can pose unique challenges in itself. This is especially true when dealing with older and more monolithic systems that handle a wide range of disparate functions. You may need partially to decommission the system; some functions being taken over by new, more discrete operations while other elements of the original system remain in use. Even if this is not the long-term operating model you have in mind, many organisations go through this experience as part of a staged programme of replacement.
Some of the specific tasks we might undertake for you during the retirement stage include:
  • Data archiving
  • Decommissioning

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