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Security architecture and design

Protecting your business against cyber attacks

Your organisation needs to embed security in its systems and programmes in order to reduce vulnerabilities at an early stage.

It's important that your security stance is understood and justifiable against actual business requirements, minimising gaps and vulnerabilities and preventing overspend on unnecessary controls.

Our security architecture and design service allows us to understand your project, its business objectives and goals, and build the architecture you need to protect your business against cyber-attacks using the Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture (SABSA) methodology.

This approach starts with the business requirements developing a comprehensive solution to support your organisation in a transparent and risk management based way. Depending on your project size, together we define the solution that suits you:

Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA)
Designed architecture services with a report detailing how security supports the business.

Solution Security Architecture (SSA)
A service for smaller projects supporting your technical/solution architects in the design of services to ensure that the security requirements are met.

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