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Making your configuration secure

We provide cyber security assurance and remediation advice through our firewall and host database configuration security review services.


Our firewall configuration security review services can be delivered against a broad range of the industry’s leading firewall vendors’ products.

It is impossible to assess and test a firewall at a network level alone, because only a small set of the configuration can be implied by an attacker from the perspective of the network.

Therefore we will review the running configuration of the firewall itself to provide a complete security picture of the device, its configuration, patch level and version and the security of the running rule set of the firewall device.

The output of our firewall configuration security review is a detailed report listing the configuration issues and their impact on the overall security posture of the firewall under test.

Host and database

A well hardened, securely configured, patched and monitored database and operating system can better withstand external and internal attacks. In the event that a host or database is compromised by an attacker through a weakness, tight configuration restrictions can limit the speed and extent of that attack.

Our service provides security assurance and recommendations for your secure desktop, database and server device configuration.

From this, we will deliver a detailed report listing the configuration issues, their impact on the overall security posture of the platform under test, a clear set of remediation advice to support the findings and an executive summary highlighting the key aspects identified during the review.

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