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Test environment consulting

Get into the habit of good testing practice

We believe that a suitable and dedicated testing environment is vital to good testing practice.

Our service provides advice on the design of appropriate test environments in order to meet your exact testing requirements, either functional or non-functional.

Test environments are designed to reflect the appropriate needs of testing. We place particular emphasis on:
  • Using appropriate stubs and drivers in support of interfaces.
  • Appropriate and comparable scale and architecture – vital for performance test environments.
  • Using data obfuscation in data-sensitive environments.
  • Application of release and change management processes, as required by each environment.
We also have a wide experience of virtualised testing environments, with the added benefit to you of reduced cost and flexibility of configuration.
If you are unable to create dedicated test environments within your own networks, we can provide robust hosting solutions

Effective test environment planning assures appropriate use of environments during the testing phase and allows increased environment re-use over testing cycles.

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