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Testing as a managed service

A flexible, cost-effective testing approach

Are you thoroughly testing your web and mobile applications?

If you are finding that your applications need detailed testing, but you can’t afford the expense of a fully skilled testing team on site, or the latest testing tools or accelerators, then you will benefit from our testing engagement model service.

Drawing on our vast experience in testing, we have developed a unique three-phase testing approach which allows us to deliver the solution that best matches your organisation’s needs. Our model is flexible around your requirements and uses proven tools and techniques to test your business systems in a cost-effective way.  

The three phases are:
  • Phase 1: Strategic set -up and planning – We collaborate with you to define the objectives, methods and success criteria for each element of your project throughout the delivery lifecycle, tailoring our processes and governance approach accordingly.
  • Phase 2: Delivery of core functional and non-functional testing.
  • Phase 3: Ongoing capability – Once the project is delivered, we will ensure we put the appropriate processes and procedures in place so skills will be transferred to your team. You will also have the option of increasing your test team with Novus consultants, or alternatively, Capita can continue supporting your testing through a bespoke managed service solution.
Benefits of our testing engagement model include:
  • It can increase business value through early deliverables and reduced cost (plus also managing risk).
  • Use of the latest tools and accelerators, helping to reduce time and cost.
  • Skills transfer to your team.
  • Flexible resources to meet the peaks and troughs of your projects.
  • It allows you to grow your own in-house testing capability, fully supported by us.

For more information about this service, download the brochure below, alternatively contact us here for a specific request.

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