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Webinar: GDPR - Developing an action plan towards compliance

Watch our 30-minute webinar to help you understand the challenges involved with the implementation of the new data legislation, why it’s essential that you protect your organisation against these risks, and finally we will share our approach on how to tackle this matter. 

Compliance and demonstrating reasonable implementation to the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulations are an obligation for all corporate and public bodies who hold personal data by the end of 2017. Irrespective of 'hard' Brexit or 'soft' Brexit, the clearest indication has been recently given that the GDPR legislation will be enshrined and adopted into UK law under a proposal called the 'Great Repeal Bill' going forward through Parliament next year.

The legislative instrument apart, we live in a diverse and ever increasing digital age of social media and cloud enabled environments and managing, controlling and securing your architectural IT environment as well as mapping the data of your clients and employees is of paramount importance. Irrefutably, you need to maintain the trust of the public and minimise the impact and risk to your shareholder value. It is essential for market credibility that you show you can control, manage, secure and minimise the risk of personal data being abused for a purpose it was never intended to be used for.

To find out more, watch our video here:

Capita IT Professional Services (ITPS) are hosting a series of free webinars throughout 2017, to sign up for upcoming webinars please contact us. 

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