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Webinar: How Marston's smooths the path for SAP upgrades

Marston's, an independent brewing and retailing business with around 2,100 pubs and bars, was faced with a challenging technical upgrade of SAP.

The company had a complex SAP environment - comprising the finance, sales, production planning and warehouse management modules - and a significant amount of custom development.

With time critical and resources limited, Marston's engaged with Ben Williams and Elizabeth Winspear from Capita IT Professional Services, looking for a solution to this business requirement. Whether you are installing, upgrading or enhancing SAP, find out how Ben and Liz, now Test Managing at Marston’s PLC, overcame their challenges and changed the way regression is now executed.

Discover how Marston’s was able to create over 900 test scripts and automate 60% within three months.

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